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Poland Unihopper Hardware•Land at China like Tornado, Create Bright Future for Hardware Industry

Time: 2017/03/29

2016 Unihopper Global Partner Summit successfully host in Pazhou Westin Hotel at March 30th evening. As the first event of Unihopper Hardware Corporation in 2016, it gathered important clients and guests from all over the world, and the strong squad was amazing.


Mr. Borden and Mr. Pangsheng, President of Poland and China area have attended the summit, shared the happiness and witnessed the blueprint with the audiences.

Supreme Greet·Best Wishes·Taking Photos 

Guests from all over the world came one after another. Presidents took photos with the guest and sent blue scarves with Unihopper logo, which represented for the best wishes.

Cocktail Reception·Opening of the Summit 

The summit started with a Cocktail Reception. The guests chatted with each other freely in the hall, and there were sexy etiquettes for entertainment. You could easily smelt the strong atmosphere there. 


A warm-up video was shown in the screen, and the core products came into people' eyes sequentially. Presidents from Poland and China areas took turns to make an opening speech, which light up the night.

This is the picture of Mr. Borden making speech. On the summit, he confirmed that, with the support of Euro advanced technology, Unihopper provides high quality products, and we also pay excellent attention on customer services. Unihopper's brand value is more and more strong, and we update the products constantly, which attracts many new partners from large company. We strictly research and develop products based on the market demand, hoping to create win-win business.

Mr. Pansheng said, we want to tell you that Unihopper always play a guardian role for many family for 50 years history. Today, commissioned by Poland headquarters, we invite elites and our partners here to witness the development of Unihopper.

                      Giants Gathered Negotiating Strategy Layout 

  It 's a amazing night for Unihopper. Represents of leading corporation, partners, elites gathered here, chatting about the Unihopper's trajectory, spirit, and negotiating further corporations. Passion collided with wisdom, power and vitality integrated into an glorious event!    


Unihopper marketing manager Mr. Hong introduced the market layout in detail on the summit. The content could be divided into 3 parts, current situation, core advantage and development plan. In 2016, Unihopper has a more specific strategy, more clear layout. We double our confidence and will keep on fighting.

New LOGO·Bright Future

The focus of the summit is Unihopper's new Logo. It was shown on the screen at the moment the VIP clients stretching their hands. Unihopper "Assembly" is on, and it could not develop without the participation of our teams, partners and elites from all over the world. New logo, new layout and new project means the infinite future for Unihopper's progress.

Spectacular Performance·Witness Unihopper Development

President of China area Mr. Pansheng proposed a toast for the summit, for the brighter future. The clients toasted each other, for Unihopper's progress and its power.

Mr. Pansheng Make a Toast 

Audience Raise Their Glasses


The strong atmosphere ushered in the touched performance and brilliant lottery part. The first program, product show represented for Unihopper's perceptiveness and innovation. The second program, sand print drew out the development of Unihopper. The third program, powerful show perform stood for the Unihopper's power. And the last program, the enthusiastic Samba reflect to our future.

Next is the excited lottery part. One another surprise prizes push the summit toward a climax.

Product Shows

Polish Dance

Sand Print

Powerful Show

Excited Lottery Part

Thanks Address·The End of Summit

After Mr. Pansheng making a gratitude speech, the summit came to the end with reluctant goodbye.


Unihopper has plentiful achievement from 1965 and enjoyed high reputation. Our corporate culture is in line with integrity, understanding, innovation and common progress. Moreover, we determine to build high value-added brand, making closed interaction, common progress come true. 

In future, Unihopper insists in the concept of keen vision, international horizon, professional technology, sincere deliver. We aim to offer every guest intimate services and perfect products.  


Unihopper wants to express gratitude for every member of our team and partners. In the 2016, we are ambitious to be the brightest star in furniture and hardware industry with our effort.

Thanks for whom in silent to pay!