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Cabinets hardware accessories note the introduction

Time: 2018/01/11
    Cabinet hardware accessories into functional hardware and decorative hardware two types, kitchen humid, smokey environment, the choice of hardware will be able to withstand the test, not easy to corrosion, rust, broken.

    For consumers easily overlooked the choice of hardware and accessories, identified, the tendency of review on the market for a general introduction of the type of hardware, only for consumers a comprehensive reference, contrast, choice.

    Basket: the items in the kitchen is the most frequent contact with us every day, the kitchen utensils are also the largest variety of daily life. How to establish a good living order in the space of such a frequent action is a worry faced by many families.Unibox,Two way soft closing,Tall Unit,Concealed slide

    And this trouble only by the basket to solve the basket has a larger storage space, but also a reasonable cut the space, so that all kinds of items and utensils properly.

    Spotlights: General glass door or cabinet with lighting roof often have to configure the spotlights, divided into the probe-style and horizontal, depending on the preferences. But be careful to choose 12V spotlights with transformers, because for safety reasons, the state explicitly prohibit the use of furniture 220V voltage connection.

    Faucet: Faucet can be said that the kitchen and the most intimate one of the parts, but the quality of their purchase is often overlooked. Taps have proved to be the most problematic area in the kitchen. If the use of low-cost low-quality faucet, leakage occurred, off the consequences will be very serious, so in the purchase should attach great importance to its quality is good or bad.

    Drawer rails: rail is one of the important hardware in the kitchen cabinet hardware, its importance is second only to the hinges, kitchen cabinets use the same conditions and the ratio of the same hinge, about 95% of kitchen cabinets companies are using low quality and poor quality Rail. In contrast, superior and inferior is not to distinguish from the appearance and use of the way up.Unibox,Two way soft closing,Tall Unit,Concealed slide

    The main difference lies in the material, the principle, the structure, the equipment, the production craft and so on the difference that produces. As long as you pay a little attention, you pull the drawer can be the truth.

    The basin is a fairly frequently used object in the kitchen and its selection is of particular importance. Common basin are mostly stainless steel, artificial stone, ceramics, stone products, depending on the owner's preferences and the overall style of the kitchen may be.

    Hinge: Kitchen door switch up to thousands of thousands of times, the pros and cons of the door hinge is very important. Practice has proved that, according to the use of kitchen cabinets and door alignment accuracy, coupled with the weight of kitchen door itself, the domestic variety of hinges difficult to achieve the necessary kitchen cabinets quality requirements.

    Steel pumping, knife and fork tray: steel pumping, knife fork tray size accurate, standardized, easy to clean, not afraid of pollution, will not be deformed, for the maintenance and use of drawer cabinets, has its irreplaceable role, as Germany, the United States , Japan and other developed countries kitchen cabinets widely used.

    Therefore, when you have a rough look at the appearance of the kitchen cabinet, you should pull open each drawer to see if the combination of steel pumping and cutlery tray, indicating that the higher cost of the product, the combination of kitchen cabinets more standardized, on the contrary, if the wood Drawer, then the cost is lower.Unibox,Two way soft closing,Tall Unit,Concealed slide

    Skirting board: often overlooked, in fact, the first problem cabinets may be it. Because it is the closest to the ground, it is likely to swell and mold if the ground is very damp. There are two kinds of skirting board with wooden skirting board and matte metal skirting board. Wood skirting manufacturers are generally used to do the rest of the body when the corner scrap, lower cost.

    However, due to the close distance between the skirting board and the ground, the wooden material absorbs moisture easily, and the water vapor will endanger the whole cabinet along the skirting board. Unibox,Two way soft closing,Tall Unit,Concealed slide