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Kitchen maintenance tips introduced

Time: 2018/01/11
    People say "hard to install cabinets, cabinets more difficult to maintain." Where is difficult, difficult to understand the cupboard. Worry about when buying cabinets to buy inferior goods, can buy good goods afraid of the price loss. In fact, spend some time on these things to understand, it is not difficult to solve.

    Maintenance is even easier, the most important thing is the maintenance of cabinet cleaning, cabinet cleaning must not be vague, which is related to one's physical and mental health, kitchen hardware and sink is the focus. The following Xiaobian explain in detail for your cabinet hardware maintenance.

    Cabinets sink cleaning and maintenance

    1, cleaning other materials in the sink, you can use detergent or soapy water to remove oily, keep the sink clean. Also, avoid using hard cleaning tools. Each time cleaning the sink, the neck after the filter cartridge to be cleaned together, so as to avoid accumulation of long-term accumulation of grease more.Unibox,Two way soft closing,Tall Unit,Concealed slide

    In the long-term use, the grease will accumulate in the sink pipe, not easy to wash, in this case, you can pour some kitchen in the sink to the grease cleaner, then rinse with hot water, then rinse with cold water for a long time.

    2, stainless steel sink in the cleaning should not use hard steel balls, chemical wipe or steel brush grinding, use soft towels, soft cloth with water or neutral detergent, or it will cause scratches or erosion.

    In fact, when I first did not pay attention to the need for maintenance cabinets, but time will always use it to remind you ignore the issue. Just look at this study, I collected from the Internet to a lot of useful cabinet maintenance knowledge and life tips. Here I share some information about the maintenance of cabinets for your reference:

    1, to avoid the dye or hair dye placed directly on the table; chemical substances on the surface of many materials have an erosion effect, for example, stainless steel countertops stained salt may be rusty, so usually should also be taken to avoid soy sauce bottles and other items directly On the countertops; artificial board cabinets should avoid water stains stay on the table for a long time;

    2, to avoid the use of hot wok, hot pot directly contact with the cabinet, the best placed pot rack;Unibox,Two way soft closing,Tall Unit,Concealed slide

    3, cabinet door, table according to different materials (artificial stone, fire board, stainless steel, natural stone, logs, etc.) using different cleaning methods;

    4, to avoid sharp items hit the table, door, so as to avoid scratches.

    Kitchen hardware maintenance and cleaning

    In principle, all the hardware should be kept clean and dry. If it is wet, it should be dried in time to prevent water marks or corrosion. For the dumplings and slide rails, it is best to regularly add lubricants to ensure smooth opening and closing parts. Do not handle hanging heavy objects or wet objects, if loose to adjust the rear of the screw. Door missing or loose, we must promptly carry out research and adjustment and fastening.

    Should note the following:

    1, to avoid salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar and other condiments poured directly on the hardware, inadvertently, it should be immediately wiped clean;

    2, on the blue, blue and other large hardware, pay attention to the direction of rotation stretching, avoid using force;

    3, open / close the drawer, avoid excessive force to prevent slide off or by impact;Unibox,Two way soft closing,Tall Unit,Concealed slide

    4, the door hinge should be regularly oiled, keep open / co-free, and to prevent damp rust. Unibox,Two way soft closing,Tall Unit,Concealed slide