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Kitchen sink maintenance tips to share

Time: 2018/01/11
    The sink is the kitchen heart. According to statistics, all kinds of kitchen supplies, the highest utilization rate of the sink. In the pre-meal preparation and cleaning work, more than 65% of the time is directly related to the sink. Therefore, it is very important to choose an attractive, good-quality and clean sink for the construction of a comfortable and warm kitchen. The following Xiaobian teach you how to maintain the kitchen sink skills.

    Kitchen sink cleaning precautions

    Most people should not have the customary care and maintenance of the kitchen sink, usually just simply clean with water or other detergent. In fact, the conservation of the kitchen sink there are many common sense and precautions, understanding of this knowledge will benefit from the life of the sink and the use of health.Unibox,Two way soft closing,Tall Unit,Concealed slide

    Do not leave mild steel or cast iron cookware in the sink for long periods of time; do not leave rubber dishwashing pads, wet dishwashing sponges, or other cleaning pads in the sink; household products, bleach, or food containing chlorine may hurt And sink.

    Use sponge or cotton cloth to clean the sink. If detergent is used, gently scrub it with neutral detergent. If the stranded water has mineral deposits, use a low concentration of vinegar solution to clean it and then wash it thoroughly with water.

    Do not use cleaning products containing chlorine components such as bleach cleaning sink, silver detergent or containing sulfur, hydrochloric acid and photographic drugs or solder melt, etc. fall into the sink immediately rinse with water; do not scrub the sink with a steel ball, Avoid leaving scratches on the surface and attaching metal particles to the bowl wall to cause rust; do not use scouring wire, abrasive pads, or abrasives to clean the sink.

    Even in a cabinet, if a container filled with bleach or chemical detergent is opened, the gas or vapor that drifts from it may also cause damage to the underlying sink. Minimize the use of silver-containing detergents or other materials that contain sulfur or Hydrochloric acid washing products.

    Regularly clean the sink, when not in use should be dry at room temperature; stranded water will lead to the occurrence of mineral deposits. In this case, you can use a low concentration of vinegar solution to remove such deposits, and finally washed with water completely clean; do not leave water droplets on the surface.

    Do not leave kimchi, mayonnaise, mustard, or other foods rich in salt for long periods of time in the sink; do not use the sink as a cutting board; do not install or decorate sinks made of mild steel, metal, or sturdy Materials made of tools or other rusty objects in or on the sink.Unibox,Two way soft closing,Tall Unit,Concealed slide

    Election on the sink to make cleaning easier

    The choice of people for the sink will focus on the main points, the capacity is appropriate, is easy to clean, the appearance of whether the texture. Most people are the choice of stainless steel sink, in fact, the type of sink is a lot of each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Sinks according to the material classification can be divided into stainless steel, cast iron enamel, ceramic, artificial stone, steel enamel, acrylic, crystal stone and other varieties, of which ceramic, stainless steel, artificial stone, granite (quartz) Common.

    Kitchen sink is always greasy, not clean. Sometimes even with detergent to clean, it does not shine. Here to teach you a clean kitchen sink tips, Come and see it!

    Cleaning tools: baking soda, cleaning sponge

    Cleaning steps:

    The first step is to fill the sink with water and pour it into a glass of vinegar. After half an hour, dilute the paste with baking soda and water to clean the sink.

    The second step is to use a nylon pan scraper or golden ball to clean the sink.

    The third step Finally, you can also use a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of olive oil to wipe the sink, you can make the sink become shiny.

    A word cabinet

    At present, most brand sinks provide on-site installation services, but need to make an appointment two or three days in advance. Many owners buy the sink habits directly to the renovation workers to install, but many brands sink provisions, if not please specify the installation staff installation, sink leakage and other issues will not be responsible.Unibox,Two way soft closing,Tall Unit,Concealed slide

    Sink installation, the table should be set aside the location of the size of the sink and match, table countertops suppliers should be informed of the approximate size of the sink to avoid re-rework.

    One end of the water inlet pipe connected to the water inlet switch, the installation should pay attention to the convergence at the firm, but also pay attention to the location of hot and cold water pipes, not about the wrong.

    After the general sink to buy the home, the workers will be based on the size of the sink cut cabinets countertops, into the countertop, the need to install matching between the tank and table hanging pieces. Sink to be installed securely, the tank can not be left and right shaking. Sink installation in the entire renovation is not a big project, but try to pay attention to the sealing process at the junction of the installation process.

    Drainage test to be done after installation, the tank filled with water, while testing drainage and overflow hole drainage. Drainage if found where there is water seepage phenomenon, should be rework immediately. Drainage test to ensure that there is no problem, you can seal the sink. Edge sealing with silicone, to ensure that the sink and the table to connect the gap evenly, there is no seepage of water phenomenon. Unibox,Two way soft closing,Tall Unit,Concealed slide