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Share cabinet receive small skill

Time: 2019/01/14
One, pay attention to the layout of the kitchen

Generally speaking, the commonnest kitchen layout in the life, basically have these 4 kinds, this needs basis oneself, the actual circumstance of the kitchen will choose. For instance I model design (often call a word again), this suits small family kitchen, perhaps the family that a few do not often cook in the home, with open mode in the majority. The L shape is the most common and works well in most kitchens. That U is designed, have certain requirement to kitchen space actually, the kitchen is too small do not suggest such outfit, nevertheless U is used to the space more sufficient, and functional area is distributed, extremely reasonable and convenient.

If you want a few things in the kitchen, don\'t overdo it. Keep it simple. Want to assure the practicality of the kitchen after all, if appear too much decoration, affect the normal use of the kitchen very likely, bring certain trouble to us.

2, reasonable ambry receives

Kitchen utensils and appliances in the kitchen are numerous and hard to put away neatly. Many people also put a lot of unnecessary sundries in the kitchen, so that the kitchen becomes narrow, dark and dank. This is not only easy to breed insects and mice, which is not conducive to healthy diet, but also affects the mood and mood of the cook, thus affecting the appetite and health of the family.

Those who want a kitchen is received already province ground is practical again, still can receive a design to help through embedded ambry, borrow a space to the wall, it is medium and small all the time door model choose wisely, do not occupy kitchen space namely, still can increase store content. So if kitchen walls allow, consider this type of storage.

Three, it is recommended to choose easy to clean decoration materials

Kitchen lampblack is very big, get on oily be soiled not easy cleanness, general all around wall can choose the material such as smooth ceramic tile of laid, aluminous model board, stainless steel board, easier daub drops lampblack besmirch, in order to assure cleanness sanitation.

When decorating, still need to notice to had planned good cistern position ahead of time. Double sink or single sink? Personal habits should be taken into account. So, the plan of the kitchen, it is a plan not only actually, it is a accept or reject a problem more. Further down the line, it\'s a question of whether you know your habits.