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Describe closet storage tips

Time: 2019/01/14
One, wardrobe structure design is right, clothing storage is not a matter

The chest that USES really should leave possibility for the user, the change of the element such as age of habitant, family structure, times popularity and so on can undertake changing easily according to habitant, and not be complete finalize the design.

The space that occupy the home is finite after all, the circumstance that hangs garment area insufficient falls, more clothings need to receive with fold means. When did not have all sorts of partition board hind, according to clothings demand, undertake filling to blank space, undertake filling to blank space, use receive space to the utmost from height, width, length 3 planes.

Two, plan your wardrobe to make it easy to keep

Throw away alleged receive skill first, undertake macroscopical plan to almirah, make clear the action of each area, convenient content returns original place in the future.

Three, completely rational sorting of their own clothes, wardrobe space instantly increased

1. The main purpose of real wear is the number of times you actually wear clothes. For example, if you haven\'t worn any clothes in the past year, you should clean them up

2. Take free matching as the first choice, some clothes are versatile, such as black, white and gray short t-shirts, skirts and shorts, sexy, fashionable and sports styles. You can match them as you like, and the retention rate of such clothes is relatively higher.

3. Keep 1-2 pieces for each sample with single product

Keep a formal dress/uniform

Four, other small details, make the wardrobe more perfect

Don\'t stack clothes. Stacking clothes can lead to picking up one item of clothing and messing up all the stacked clothes. Use receive tool, classification wants meticulous, had better affix a label, after not fearing to cannot find dress. Form good tidies up a habit, should hide hide well, put in chest inside, outside must put neat.