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talk about the importance of good design

Time: 2019/01/14
Cabinet storage: reasonable moving line

When designing a kitchen, the first consideration is to should plan a reasonable moving line, namely the moving line when cooking. Although a lot of kitchen space are not big, but if the line that moves between freezer, sink, furnace these 3 o \'clock is unreasonable, even if be to do potluck also can be very tired. So when designing, small make up the order that suggests according to freezer, cister, furnace is the most convenient, can achieve the effect that stores, clean, arrange in one go.

Ambry receives: color material is beautiful collocation

To the kitchen that needs to contact a lot of bagatelle for, the beautiful appearance can let user more satisfactory. How to make the kitchen more beautiful, small make up Suggestions from two aspects:

1, in the choice to pay attention to and floor tile, wall of the harmonious collocation, no matter how advanced materials, visual harmony is the most beautiful;

2, simple is beautiful namely, color is unified more, can give a person more the visual effect of jing, so, all sorts of entrance and homebred kitchen equipment now have the form a complete set of dragon and service, can greatly beautiful his kitchen.

Ambry receives: the kitchen design also wants human nature to change

The kitchen on traditional sense may serve as cook space only, put basin of bowl of bowl gourd ladle and hearth already enough, as living standard rises ceaselessly nowadays, also had taller requirement to layout inside the kitchen.

The kitchen is a design that needs human nature to change, accordingly, besides according to above two o \'clock will reasonable design beyond, the height that still can use according to the height body that use measures custom-built ambry is tall.

A not carefully considered decoration design program, will be full of loopholes, in the construction process may be constantly dismantling and changing, not only delayed your time, but also a waste of your energy and money. Want to make the kitchen is decorated little take a detour, as far as possible convenient, rapid ground construction, be about to spend a bit more time in design phase, next bit effort more, do every step well strictly, do not leave regret and oversight as far as possible.