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Wardrobe receive hardware and how to make full use of

Time: 2019/03/01
Family most may be the clothes inside, in most cases, however, some different length clothes will leave at the bottom of the wardrobe a chunk of free position, the position has not been fully utilized. If you don\'t get to use these positions, so the whole household will look crowded and messy, so how should receive chest becomes the focus of the household receive.

Chest with clothings to receive receive method

To coat and sweater or skirt collocation good hanging in the wardrobe, so you can save space, and save time in the match. But at the time of hanging clothes, also want to segment the clothes of different materials and then select need to hang put area, it is inside the wardrobe. Then those prone to fold clothes in when receiving must use a separate receive accessories, clothing remain flat. If conditions permit, can also add a trousers rack in the wardrobe, it can let the closet inside partition more clear.

Receive clothes with small objects receive

We often see receive a belt is to put them on a hook or hanger, so it is easy to access along with all the other ties, belts touch fall. If the condition allows the might as well add a receive socks, scarves and other small objects receive a case, and then put the small object in turn into the grid in the drawer, such not only can avoid wear metal belt buckle, take also be clear at a glance.

Goods with large goods receive
Change garments according to the bed sheet, pillow towel, pillow or blanket is taking up space objects can be placed in the basket. Shelf to place similar to the size of the store content box, and label the store content box, only when the take the box, and then pick the clothes, both convenient and can keep the clothes neatly state, don\'t need to turn east west.