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Wardrobe Acceptance Hardware: Wardrobe Acceptance Tips

Time: 2019/03/11
When you see stacked wardrobes, it will not only delay time, but also affect your mood. Wardrobe Reception Tips will share the following tips to tidy up wardrobes, let\'s see how to do a good job of wardrobe acceptance!
Wardrobe Acceptance Hardware: Wardrobe Acceptance Tips

Wardrobe Receiving Tips

1. Shoes should be placed in the opposite direction.

Shoes placed in the opposite direction can make the rack a little more space, because many shoes are narrow front and wide back, the same direction will only make the shoe cabinet look fuller.

2. Clothing arranged by color

Colours can be arranged according to their shades. Today, you don\'t have to go through the whole wardrobe to try on colours.

3. Make good use of transparent drawers and accept them

Place accessories such as sunglasses, bracelets or earrings in transparent plastic drawers, which are more handy when matching.

4. Combination Wardrobe Necessary

Women\'s goods can not only be simple jacket and trousers, choose a group of wardrobes including drawers, box and hanger components, and put clothes such as scarves or belts in different categories will save you a lot of time!

5. Make good use of the space behind the wall or door

If the overcoat or the items often worn can\'t be stuffed into the wardrobe, you can use the hanging hook of the wall or door to put them on directly when you go out, which can also be said to be time-saving and labor-saving.

6. Clothes should be categorized

If you are not accustomed to color arrangement, it\'s OK. Besides color arrangement, you can also consider classifying according to clothing types, such as knitted sweaters, jeans, long skirts and so on. You can also avoid buying similar styles by yourself.

7. Keep clothes in boxes after season change

Clothes can be temporarily stored in storage boxes during the season change. Putting them in the corner can save a lot of space.

8. Classification by label

If you really can\'t remember which drawer has what items, you may need labels to classify clothes, or you can remind yourself not to put clothes in disorder.

9. Cleaning up is very important

For fashion girls with lots of clothes, every inch of wardrobe space is very precious. Old clothes can\'t be replaced by new ones. Don\'t let the old clothes you don\'t often wear take up all of your space. Donate or give away the inappropriate clothes. This is a good start!

10. The same hanger looks neater

Clothes hanger is a good helper for clothes collection. Using the same type of hanger can make the wardrobe look more orderly and not make the clothes uneven.

Above is the introduction of wardrobe reception, I hope to help you.