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Magic box:Customized cabinet what board is good?

Time: 2019/04/03

Magic box:Beautiful and practical cabinets are what we all want, but custom cabinets first need to determine the board, what kind of board is the most suitable? Next cabinet receives hardware knitting to show you.

Cabinet storage hardware: custom cabinets board what is good?

Magic box:Stone Cabinet

The flax cabinet is lack of aesthetics, but its hardness is high and durable. But after all, it is natural stone, which can easily be penetrated with color and rust, but the price is a lower one.

Magic box:Quartz Cabinet

Quartz stone cabinet body waterproof is very good, but also strong enough, cabinet body is better than stone, but the price is more expensive, and the cabinet body adhesive is easy to aging, will cause the cabinet body odor.

Magic box:Particle board

Solid wood particulate board is a thin sheet made of wood fragments as the main raw material, followed by glue and additives. Structures are compact, bending strength is high, deformation is not easy, cohesion is strong, lateral bearing capacity is good, but the plate surface is difficult to handle, the fabrication process is poor, moisture resistance is also general.

Magic box:Solid wood multilayer board

Solid wood multilayer board has good structural stability, high strength and is not easy to deform. It is an ideal material for the cabinet body in the cabinet at present. The cabinet made of solid wood has good moisture resistance, wear resistance and high price.

Magic box:Stainless steel cabinet body

Stainless steel cabinet has good fire resistance, high temperature resistance, high temperature will not be damaged, and waterproof, moisture-proof, environmental protection, color is relatively single.

Above is the introduction of hardware customized cabinet board, hoping to help you.