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Attention to the selection of cabinet hardware in kitchen decoration

Time: 2019/05/31
Attention to the selection of cabinet hardware in kitchen decoration

In the process of kitchen cabinet selection, we pay more attention to cabinet hardware accessories. When choosing cabinets, most people will pay attention to their visual effects. The quality and function of cabinets, hangers and accessories are often neglected, but these basic hardware are the most critical for cabinets. The function and selection of cabinet hardware fittings in kitchen decoration are introduced.
The function of cabinet hardware fittings:

Cabinet hardware fittings are one of the important components of modern kitchen furniture. However, the advantages and disadvantages of hardware often do not attract the attention of cabinet manufacturers, consumers lack the ability to judge the advantages and disadvantages of hardware, and also lack adequate understanding. Hardware accessories play an important role in the chain cabinet materials, which directly affects the comprehensive quality of cabinets. It has a great influence on the normal use of cabinets and their service life.

In view of the fact that consumers often ignore the choice, identification and review of hardware and accessories, this paper gives a general introduction to the types of hardware that appear in the market. For consumers\'reference, comparison and choice only.

Matters needing attention in selecting and purchasing cabinet hardware fittings:
1. Hinge: Hinge must withstand the test of the cabinet door thousands of times, not only to make the cabinet convergence, but also to bear a separate weight. So the hinges of the cabinet door are very important. Practice has proved that, according to the nature and accuracy of the cabinet door, coupled with the weight of the kitchen door itself, the domestic cabinet hinge can not meet the necessary quality requirements.

2. Drawer slides: The cabinet slides are second only to the hinges in importance. The quality of the cabinet is indistinguishable from its appearance and use. The main advantages and disadvantages of cabinet guide are material, principle, structure, equipment, production process and so on.

3. Kickboard: This is a part that is often overlooked. In fact, this may be the first problem in the cabinet. Because it is closest to the ground, and if the ground is wet, it is likely to be frothy and mildew. There are two kinds of kickboards: wooden and ground metal. Wood kickboard manufacturers generally use corner waste left behind when making cabinets. It is low cost, easy to absorb water and get wet. Water vapor rises along the kickboard, endangering the whole cabinet. Imported abrasive metal kickboard uses waterproof rubber, which is waterproof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, rust-proof, beautiful and durable, and is not easy to damage.

4. Lab basket: We don\'t need to go in and out of the kitchen for three meals a day. It\'s more inevitable that the pots and pans move. It is a problem faced by many families to establish a good living order in such a frequent space. The trouble can only be solved by pulling the basket. Baskets have a lot of storage space, which can reasonably divide the space so that all kinds of goods and appliances are in their positions. According to different purposes, the basket can be divided into furnace basket, three-sided basket, drawer basket, ultra-narrow basket, high-depth basket, corner basket and so on.

5. Steel tools: steel pump, knife and fork head size accurate, standardized, easy to clean, not afraid of pollution, no deformation, for the maintenance and use of cabinet drawers, has an irreplaceable role, it has been widely used by Cabinet Companies in Germany, the United States, Japan and other developed countries.

Domestic cabinet hardware industry is in the development stage, the overall production scale is larger, but due to technical constraints, homogenization is more serious, brand concept is seriously missing. Because distributors have no production capacity, one of their important profit guarantees is regional protection and monopoly profits. However, many hardware factories only blindly sell products, patchwork prices, no systematic marketing planning, lack of regional market protection, no stable price system, often a good market in a city. Other peers flocked to us. The original exclusive best-selling products were everywhere. Prices dropped rapidly. Dealers were exhausted. The diligent and pioneering business could easily be followed up and surpassed by peers, and could not occupy a large market share all the time.