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Unihopper hinges, let the kitchen leave no regrets

Time: 2019/07/11
Unihopper hinges, let the kitchen leave no regrets
Whether the hinge is good or not, it\'s almost enough to see the material, thickness, damp or disassembly. At present, there are two kinds of common hinge materials, one is cold rolled steel, the other is stainless steel, which has good stability. In the kitchen bathroom and other humid space, the best use of stainless steel hinges. Look at the thickness of the hinges. Low-quality hinges are usually made of cheap metals such as thin iron sheet. The cabinet doors are stretched astringently and even have a harsh sound. Good hinges are formed by one-time stamping of alloys, with thick handle and smooth surface. Because the surface coating is thick, it is not easy to rust, firm and has strong bearing capacity.

The knack of choosing hinges is to refuse to be routined.

Above these points, when you choose the hinge, you will have a spectrum basically. In addition, there are a few identification details, if not a problem, the hinge mass absolute bar.

1. Take a few more hinges to see if the shape of the hinges remains roughly one to one. The surface of the poor hinges is unstable, especially the position of the hinge cup. The plating is thin and not smooth, and easy to rust.

2. Look at the stress situation of the sample hinges on the spot, press down directly against the door panel. If it feels very stable, it proves that the thickness of the material used is quite good.

3. Use screwdriver to test more adjusting screw of hinge and whether the fastening screw at the end of hinge is smooth and repeatedly fastened as new, proving that the details are well done, reflecting the strength of the manufacturer.

In fact, there are fewer opportunities to choose hinges alone, and most of us buy cabinet packages. When choosing and purchasing, we must take good care of hardware accessories. What we have learned today must be used.

But there\'s one more thing to remind you. Although the countertop, board and hardware fittings of the cabinet are important, there is no doubt that \"seven cabinets, three installations\" are reasonable.

If we can not reasonably avoid the kitchen water and electricity points, can not make full use of space through moving line design, and parts installation is not accurate and firm, then the best cabinet is also built in vain. So reliable installation master is also important.