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Unihopper hardware: How to choose a hinge?

Time: 2019/07/17

Unihopper hardware: How to choose a hinge?

When we decorate doors and windows, we often use hinges, which usually play the role of fixing and connecting. There are many materials of hinges, but many people do not choose them very well. They usually choose inferior hinges, which are very durable, easy to deform, easy to break, and harsh sounds when closing doors. In fact, people often neglect them when choosing and purchasing. This \"four steps\" will be explained by Xiaobian today.

Step 1: weigh up

Generally inferior hinges, if used for a long time, cabinet doors will be loose and sagging, and high-quality hinges feel thicker, and the surface coating is thicker, more durable, you can use your hand to weigh its importance, lighter do not choose.

Step 2: Touch the feel

Good quality hinges feel smoother, and when we open the cabinet door, the force is softer, when we close the cabinet door, it will rebound, the force is more uniform, the poor quality of the hand will be rough, and the force is not uniform.

Step 3. Listen to the voice

Details determine success or failure, and so do hinges. Details of hinges can directly judge whether they are good or bad. Generally, high-quality hinges can also have silent effect in design. Otherwise, the inferior quality is only the use of broken iron sheet, and the door will have a harsh sound when it is pulled.

Step 4. Press the spring leaf

Thicken the spring booster arm, it will not deform easily for a long time. Opening is not easy to fall off, strong, long-term use is not easy to break, loose frame.