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How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of Unihopper Hardware?

Time: 2019/07/22

How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of Unihopper hardware?

(1) Looking at the material of steel, the poor hardware hinges are mostly recycled steel or inferior steel, and the bearing capacity is not enough at all.

(2) Looking at the thickness of the hinges, the two hardware hinges can be divided into good ones and bad ones by trying the weight with their hands.

(3) Looking at the thickness of nickel-plated layer, the nickel-plated layer thickness of good hardware hinges is 8 mu, while that of inferior hinges may be only 2-3 mu. The coating is too thin and easy to rust.

(4) Looking at the quality of the damp, the state stipulates that the number of damp opening is 40,000 times, while the number of inferior hinges is only 1,000 times. The cabinet with frequent use should be opened 10 times a day, and the damp will fail in three months.

_Looking at the convenience of three-dimensional adjustment, good hinge design should consider the convenience of installation and adjustment, front, back, left and right, up and down can be easily adjusted.

In fact, whether it\'s on-site furniture or factory customization, I suggest that hardware should be self-purchased, especially hinges and slides. Because when we customize cabinets and wardrobes, most of the contracts only indicate the brand but not the category. Many of them are two ordinary hinges plus a damper rod. Every brand of damper hinges has ordinary hinges and built-in damper hinges. The cost here is very low.

Hardware hinges are very good, careful installation is also very important, especially the installation of wardrobe doors, because many walls are uneven, cabinet doors are too high to be equipped with multiple hinges, only patiently adjusting the hinges can make the cabinet door smooth and even.