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Unihopper hardware: How to choose decoration hardware?

Time: 2019/07/25

Unihopper hardware: How to choose decoration hardware?

If the decoration of a house is compared to the body of an adult, then the hardware used for decoration is the vein of the body, and its importance can be imagined. There are a lot of hardware for decoration, some of which are insignificant and can be replaced at any time, while some of them are damaged and the replacement cost is too high, so it is necessary to select a good one to reduce the large cost of subsequent maintenance and replacement.

I. Notices for Choosing Bedroom Hardware

1. Door lock

A complete door lock consists of a lock core, a door handle, a hinge, a door suction or a floor suction. A good door lock also needs good hardware.

Cautions for selecting and purchasing door locks:

Key points for selecting and purchasing the lock core: heavy handle, the heavier the material of the lock core is, the more wear-resistant it is. You can open it with a key and see how sensitive the spring is. Whether the surface of the door lock is smooth, delicate and smooth, and if there are no spots, it shows that the hardware technology is well done.

2. Wardrobe Hardware

If the quality of wardrobe hardware is not good, it will be troublesome if the track of wardrobe drawer is broken and can not be pulled out in the next few years.

Hinges: Hinges are detachable. They are divided into two parts: base and clasp. They open and fasten doors dozens of times a day. They also bear the weight of the door plate. They should be smooth in surface, thick in coating, not easy to rust, and strong and durable. And can open to more than 90 degrees open and close angle, it is suggested to add damping hinges, which can buffer the closing speed, add damping without worrying about strong closing cabinet door will noise others, reduce the impact of the door.

2. Matters needing attention in choosing and purchasing kitchen hardware

1. Kitchen basket

Kitchen basket can accommodate a variety of dishware condiments, very practical. According to different uses, it can be divided into corner basket, seasoning basket and pot basket.

Main points of basket selection: The welding points of good basket are tough, no toughness. It is recommended to choose stainless steel material, strong durability, corrosion resistance and strong ability in the city. And paint or chrome plating is not that good.